I have started brainstorming with Stanley Chitekwe UNICEF Nigeria about how to use RapidSMS to promote optimal breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices. We thought that cellphones could offer an enormous potential to change the face of nutrition through West and Central Africa. Virtual nutrition trainings or refresher trainings could be offered through streaming audio and visual media directly to trainee’s cell phones. Interactive testing services could be integrated with program monitoring allowing collection of even more complete information on quality of services.

Image courtesy of La Leche League

Then I found this amazing research entitiled MumBubConnect from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) – Australia. In their pilot project a team of Marketing and Public Health experts developed a SMS tool that provided breastfeeding support via SMS to 130 breastfeeding women. The SMS was also linked to the counseling service offered by the Australian Breastfeeding Association, also offering free telephone assistance about breastfeeding for new mothers. While the study did not report information on exclusive breastfeeding, the initial report asserted that the project was successful in encouraging women to continue breastfeeding. Another brilliant idea was that their study was funded by the Queensland Government Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

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MumBubConnect Pilot summary report April 2011